Cupid’s Hunt F.A.Q (2021 Edition)

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Here are the “FAQs” about the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Event:

Q1. OK, so what exactly is “Cupid’s Hunt”?

A1. “Cupid’s Hunt” (or CH for short) is a collaboration project of music podcasters and music fans in celebration of Valentine’s Day. On this day all of the folks who are participating have agreed to release and make available for download (MP3 format) a music and/or audio podcast with a Valentines Day theme. This year Valentine’s Day (February 14) is on a Sunday.

Q2. Why the name “Cupid’s Hunt”? What does that mean?

A2. The name “Cupid’s Hunt” came out of a late night/all night brainstorming session on Twitter back in January, 2008. “Cupid”, the symbol of Love/Valentine’s Day and “Hunt”, meaning to search for. When you put them together and apply the phrase to the world of podcasting you have a “search for music online”. Or, as the CH project was originally subtitled: “Searching for Love Music… In All The Right Places!”

Q3. Oh OK, now I get it. How do I get involved with the Cupid’s Hunt project.

A3. Easy. Just make a music and/or audio podcast with a Valentine’s Day theme, good love, bad love, want love, hate love… it doesn’t matter, go where ever your creativity takes you. Once your CH podcast is finished we want you to post it online shortly before -or- on -or- even a little bit after Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14, 2021.

Q4. How will readers who visit my site know my podcast is part of this project?

A4. Glad you asked! There are several ways that your readers will associate your podcast with the Cupid’s Hunt Project:

  1. We have a few Cupid’s Hunt graphics that we are asking you to post on your website, Facebook page, Instagram account, etc. at least two weeks prior to the event.
  2. Each participant is asked to start off the title of your CH post with “Cupid’s Hunt:”, and to also tag their CH post with the keyword “cupidshunt”. (no quotes on the keyword or the phrase in your post Title, of course).
  3., our official Cupid’s Hunt “Headquarters”, will be promoting the event and all of the podcasters/blogs involved in the days leading up to the event.

Q5. Where do I get the Cupid’s Hunt graphics?

A5. The graphics can be downloaded from this post below.

Q6. How do I contact Cupid’s Hunt to give you information about my podcast?

A6. There are a few different contact methods:

  1. Become a fan of the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration page on FaceBook:
  2. Send an email to TGrundy [at]
  3. Send an email to CupidsHunt [at]

Please let us know your CH podcast info by noon on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 so we can get it in the promotional post.