Vincent, The Soul Chef – Cupids 2018…

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Can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have this guy, Vincent “The Soul Chef” Ebb, be a part of Cupid’s Hunt. Check out all that he has to offer on his website, Fufu Oh, and especially be sure to give a listen to his show, Fufu Radio, on the Funky16Corners Radio Network on!
Now, let’s check out his CH11 playlist…

  1. Spinners – It’s A Shame
  2. Paul Petersen – Chained
  3. Martha & The Vandellas – Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone
  4. Tammi Terrell – What A Good Man He Is
  5. Stevie Wonder – You Met Your Match
  6. Chuck Jackson – Are You Lonely For Me Baby
  7. Gladys Knight & The Pips – Can You Give Me Love With A Guarantee
  8. Four Tops – Sad Souvenirs
  9. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Keep On Lovin’ Me Honey
  10. Edwin Starr – I Want My Baby Back
  11. Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations – I’ll Try Something New
  12. Marvin Gaye – Take This Heart Of Mine (Alternate Mix)
  13. Marvelettes – Here I Am Baby
  14. Velvelettes – Lonely Lonely Girl Am I
  15. Isley Brothers – That’s The Way Love Is
  16. Frank Wilson – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
  17. Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers – Does Your Mama Know About Me (Promo Version)
  18. Stevie Wonder – Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer
  19. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – I Gotta Thing For You
  20. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Show Me The Way
  21. Diana Ross – Dark Side Of The World
  22. Brenda Holloway – You’ve Made Me So Very Happy (Promo Version)
  23. Temptations – I’ve Been Good To You
  24. Chris Clark – Love’s Gone Bad
  25. Originals – Desperate Young Man
  26. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Your Precious Love
  27. David Ruffin – I’m So Glad I Fell For You
  28. Isley Brothers – Behind A Painted Smile
  29. Marvin Gaye – Never Let You Go (Sha Lu Bop)
  30. Carolyn Crawford – Forget About Me
  31. Jackson 5 – She’s Good
  32. Originals – Baby, I’m For Real

Cupid’s Hunt 2018 – CH11, The Next Decade…

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Good Day to All, and here’s wishing you a very happy, healthy and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!

This post will be the Master List where I’ll keep track of all of the mixes and/podcasts released for Cupid’s Hunt 2018, or as I like to refer to it, “CH11, The Next Decade”!  Last year we reached a very satisfying milestone in that we hosted this event for our tenth consecutive year. Something I don’t think any of us who started this “little get together” back in 2008 were even thinking of at the time or thought would even be possible. Well, it was and we’re still here and we’re laying down the foundation for “The Next Decade” of love music celebrations every February for the foreseeable future!

Our initial mixes to start your day off are courtesy of:

  1. Anji Bee
  2. Sista Suga
  3. Marc Jones

A couple of Cupid’s Hunt “veterans” checked in this afternoon with their CH11, The Next Decade offerings:

  1. Gary “DJ G-Dub” White
  2. SoundNexx

Saturday, 2/17/2018, 6:00am
After an unexpected break in the action, here are more of the Cupid’s Hunt 2018 musical goodies that have been released:

  1. Dewan Aiken
  2. EJ Flavors
  3. Gary “DJ G-Dub” White (#2)
  4. Gary “DJ G-Dub” White (#3)
  5. Vincent, “The Soul Chef”, Ebb

Sill, more to come! Keep checking back here on and our Facebook page for more CH11 musical goodness.

MJ’s Valentine’s Day Mood Music – Cupid’s Hunt 2018

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Marc Jones (a.k.a. “MJ”) joins us for a second year in a row in the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here’s his latest “Mood Music” mix…

  1. Love Zone – Billy Ocean
  2. Is It Love, Must Be Love – Loretta Lynn & Frankie Bleu
  3. Seven Days – The Moments
  4. Stay In My Corner – The Dells
  5. Butta – The Whispers
  6. Straight From The Heart – Con Funk Shun
  7. A Reason For Love – Craig T. Cooper
  8. Cupids Hunt Love Music In All The Right Places – Angel Turner
  9. Give Me Your Love – Curtis Mayfield
  10. Ellie’s Love Theme – Isaac Hayes
  11. Gloria – Enchantment
  12. Million Dollars – Soul Generation
  13. SeXXXy Love Drop 14 – Sista Suga
  14. Land Of Love – Skip Mahoney & the Casuals
  15. This One’s For Me And You (ft New Edition) – Johnny Gill
  16. Taste Of Your Love – Experience Unlimited (E.U.)
  17. Walkin’ In The Rain With The One I Love – Love Unlimited
  18. In The Rain – The Dramatics
  19. Reasons (Live) – Earth, Wind & Fire
  20. Firefly – Temptations


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)…

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Here is the FAQ (“frequently asked questions”) post about the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration Event. This information will always be available here at this URL:

Q1. What is Cupid’s Hunt?

A1. Cupid’s Hunt (or CH for short) is a collaboration project of music podcasters and music fans in celebration of Valentine’s Day. On this day all of the people who are participating have agreed to release and make available for download in MP3 format or a streaming music and/or audio podcast with a Valentine’s Day theme. This year Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2018) is on a Wednesday.

Q2. Why the name Cupid’s Hunt? What does *that* mean?

A2. The name Cupid’s Hunt came out of a late night/all night brainstorming session on Twitter back in January, 2008. “Cupid”, the symbol of Love/Valentine’s Day and “Hunt”, meaning to search for. When you put them together and apply the phrase to the world of podcasting you have a search for music online. Or, as the CH project was originally subtitled: “Searching for Love Music… In All The Right Places!”

Q3. Oh OK, now I get it. How do I get involved with the Cupid’s Hunt project/event?

A3. That’s easy! Just make a music and/or audio podcast with a Valentine’s Day theme: good love, bad love, want love, hate love… it doesn’t matter, go where ever your creativity and musical tastes take you. Once your CH podcast is finished we want you to post it online on, just before -OR- even just after Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

Q4. How will readers who visit my site know my podcast is part of the Cupid’s Hunt event?

A4. Glad you asked! There are several ways that your readers will associate your podcast with the Cupid’s Hunt Collaboration Project:

1. We have a Cupid’s Hunt logo available (email me [see below] for the download info) that we are asking you to post on your site at least one week prior to the event. (NOTE: the updated 2018 CH graphics should be available… soon)

2. Each participant is asked to start off the Title of your CH post with “Cupid’s Hunt:”, and to also tag their CH post with the keywords “CupidsHunt” and “CH11″. (no quotes on the keywords or the phrase in your post Title, of course).

3. The Cupids Hunt website ( and the Cupids Hunt Podcast Collaboration page on Facebook (, are the official Cupid’s Hunt ‘headquarters’ sites and will be promoting the event and all of the podcasters/blogs involved in the days leading up to, during and after the event. Additional management and promotion of the event will occur on the Rhythms In Black Satin II website at

4. Cupid’s Hunt also has a Twitter account ( that we are asking you to follow for updates about the event and/or to get any questions that you might have answered about the event.

Q5. Where do I get the Cupid’s Hunt logo?

A5. All files (logos and audio drops) for Cupid’s Hunt are now being distributed via Dropbox ( Email me at tgrundy [at] for the download link. (NOTE: the updated 2018 CH graphics will be available… soon!)

Q6. Who can I contact to give them information about my podcast?

A6. There are a few different contact methods:

1. Contact TGrundy on Twitter (
2. Send an email to CupidsHunt [at]
3. Become a fan of the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration page on FaceBook (Highly Recommended!):
4. Contact Cupid’s Hunt on Twitter (

Please send us your Cupid’s Hunt podcast info by noon on Saturday, February 10, 2018 (if possible) so we can get it in the promotional posts.


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