Cupid’s Hunt 2020 – EVERY Day Is Valentine’s Day…

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Hope everybody had a chill and enjoyable Valentine’s Day celebration and 3-day weekend! Finally getting the ‘Master List’ of mixes for the event posted. This year was a little different in that there were not a lot of announcements and/or promotions for the event. However, many folks still look forward to it and create music to share anyway. That warms my heart.

Also, I have taken the opportunity to finally begin the process of building out our online home here at and make it into the archive repository for all things Cupid’s Hunt that I originally envisioned for this space. It’s starting to take shape, but it still has a long ways to go. Come back often to check on the progress.

OK, with that said, let’s take a look at the mixes that have been released so far for this 13th annual Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Event…

  1. Chris ChristopherInfinite Rhythms – Cupid’s Hunt ’20 Edition
  2. DJ G-DubThe Soundtrack Slowjam Mix
  3. EL SlickDedication of Love
  4. Marc JonesMJ’s V-Day Mood Music, vol 3
  5. DJ DaraAir Supply for Cupid’s Hunt 2019
  6. WR Cupid’s Hunt 2019 – The Quiet Storm
  7. Sista SugaSeXXXy Love Vol. XIII: Candy Rain
  8. Anji BeeChillcast Valentine’s Day 2020 Mix for Cupid’s Hunt

Hmmm… not bad for for an event with no advertising budget {smile}. I know that there are still more mixes in the pipeline to be released soon. The actual day itself may have come and gone, but the event always lasts the entire month of February (sometimes even longer!). Hey, we really mean it when we say: “Cupid’s Hunt, where EVERY day is Valentine’s Day!”


One Response to “Cupid’s Hunt 2020 – EVERY Day Is Valentine’s Day…”
  1. El Slick says:

    Glad to be able to participate again.
    Much love to the Pit Master for his
    “slick” touch ups.

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