Cupid’s Hunt 2018 – CH11, The Next Decade…

Good Day to All, and here’s wishing you a very happy, healthy and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!

This post will be the Master List where I’ll keep track of all of the mixes and/podcasts released for Cupid’s Hunt 2018, or as I like to refer to it, “CH11, The Next Decade”!  Last year we reached a very satisfying milestone in that we hosted this event for our tenth consecutive year. Something I don’t think any of us who started this “little get together” back in 2008 were even thinking of at the time or thought would even be possible. Well, it was and we’re still here and we’re laying down the foundation for “The Next Decade” of love music celebrations every February for the foreseeable future!

Our initial mixes to start your day off are courtesy of:

  1. Anji Bee
  2. Sista Suga
  3. Marc Jones

A couple of Cupid’s Hunt “veterans” checked in this afternoon with their CH11, The Next Decade offerings:

  1. Gary “DJ G-Dub” White
  2. Sound Nexx

Saturday, 2/17/2018, 6:00am
After an unexpected break in the action, here are more of the Cupid’s Hunt 2018 musical goodies that have been released:

  1. Dewan Aiken
  2. EJ Flavors
  3. Gary “DJ G-Dub” White (#2)
  4. Gary “DJ G-Dub” White (#3)
  5. Vincent, “The Soul Chef”, Ebb

Sill, more to come! Keep checking back here on and our Facebook page for more CH11 musical goodness.

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