Cupid’s Hunt 2017… Mr. Fresh Flashback: CH2014-Every VDay Deserves A Great Soundtrack

Fufilling a promise I made just before the kickoff of the 10th Anniversary celebration of Cupid’s Hunt here in 2017.  One of our founding members (not to mention a great guy that I share a birthdate with), Doug Ramsey a.k.a. “Mr. Fresh” has been a strong contributer to Cupid’s Hunt over the years. This year he found himself a little busy with scoring the music to a multi-epidsode webseries and couldn’t break away to put together a new mix for the BIG Event this year.

Well, I told him I just could not host this most significant edition of Cupid’s Hunt without him and he agreed that I could post one of his past CH mixes instead. So, here is the Sunday Soundtrack Cupid’s Hunt mix he created back in 2014 (CH #7 just in case you were curious  {smile}). He called it…
CH 2014: Every VDay Deserves a Great Soundtrack (A Sunday Soundtrack Special Edition)

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