Cupid’s Hunt 2017… RIBS: “Have A DRAMATICS Valentine”, part 1

The Dramatics (also known for a time as “Ron Banks & the Dramatics”) are one of the groups that made 70’s R&B/Soul music as great as it is remembered to be. You may (or may not) recall them from some of their early hits such as “In The Rain”, “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get” “Hey You! Get Off My Mountain” and some others.

The group originally formed in Detroit in 1962 and had limited success. That all changed when their producer , Don Davis, teamed them up with Detroit producer/songwriter Tony Hester to record his song “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get”. The single became  their first major national hit, peaking at number three on the R&B charts. The following year the Dramatics released “In the Rain”, which was also penned by Hester. This single made its way to the number one spot on the R&B charts, maintaining that position for four consecutive weeks.

Like most groups of that era there were numerous lineup changes over the years, however the lush harmonies and smooth ballads they created were a consistent trademark throughout their career. So, let’s give a listen as Cupid’s Hunt and Rhythms In Black Satin invite you to…
“Have A DRAMATICS Valentine”, part 1.
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  1. PROMO: Intro – TGrundy
  2. Be My Girl – Dramatics
  3. (I’m Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes – Dramatics
  4. Thank You For Your Love – Dramatics
  5. Love Is Missing From Our Lives – The  Dells & The Dramatics
  6. PROMO: Let Me Put Love On Your Mind – TGrundy
  7. Ocean of Thoughts and Dreams – Dramatics
  8. Now You Got Me Loving You – Dramatics
  9. Welcome Back Home – Dramatics
  10. Me And Mrs. Jones – Dramatics
  11. Fell For You – Dramatics
  12. I Pray She’ll Never Go Away – Dramatics
  13. Say The Word – Dramatics
  14. PROMO: Cupids Hunt Love Music In All The Right Places – Angel Turner
  15. Do What You Want To Do – Dramatics
  16. Yo’ Love (Can Only Bring Me Happiness) – Dramatics
  17. Love Is Here – Dramatics
  18. Come On And Stay – Dramatics
  19. Fall In Love, Lady Love – Dramatics

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