Cupid’s Hunt 2017 – 10th Anniversary Edition…

A long time in the making, but we are now here and open for business. This will be the master post that will be updated with information and links to all of the Cupid’s Hunt mixes as they are released.

UPDATE: 3/13/2017, 3:58am…
I couldn’t let these two very important Cupid’s Hunt veterans not be represented during this landmark 10th Anniversary edition of the BIG Event. So, even though they’ve been busy with events IRL, with a little help from the ‘RIBS Kitchen and Recording Studio’ they are represented here this year. And we couldn’t be happier!

First up is Trelly, the “SoulMusiqLuva”. She reminds us that although LOVE is grand, that sometimes it takes a turn for the worse. She explains this musically in her CH 10 offering called “When Love Goes Awry, part 1.”

Our other CH veteran, Doug, a.k.a. “Mr. Fresh” creator of the Sunday Soundtrack over on was busy wrapping up a music scoring project when Cupid’s Hunt came around this year. So we agreed to reach back into the archives and re-present his CH offering from 2014. He calls it… “Every VDay Deserves a Great Soundtrack (A Sunday Soundtrack Special Edition)”

UPDATE: 3/05/2017, 7:45am…
There have been quite a few additional releases over the past few days to tell you about.

Time to serve up several more goodies from the RIBS kitchen! I have Part 2 of our tribute to Al Jarreau: “We Remember Al Jarreau”, part 2.
Part 1 and Part 2 of a look at the Dramatics (one of my favorite 70’s Soul groups): “Have A DRAMATICS Valentine, part 1”   and “Have A DRAMATICS Valentine, part 2”
And, we wrap it all up with a double dose of Roberta Flack!
Roberta-LOVE!, part 1 and Roberta-LOVE!, part 2.

Also, Jolene, The NightNurseDJ, finally stopped celebrating her most recent wedding anniversary to drop a couple of mixes on us for this version of the BIG Event. Check them out here…
“Class of ’75 – Motown Memories”
and here…
“Funk Against The Wall – Prince”

Is there even more to come before we close down ’till next year? I think there just might be. To be continued…

UPDATE: 3/01/2017, 5:50am…
Well, here we are. February is now in the rear-view mirror and we’ve come to the end of the landmark 10th Anniversary celebration of our annual Valentine’s Day music fest, Cupid’s Hunt.

Or… have we? Hmmmm…

You see, I have a problem. I still have too much Cupid’s Hunt music left at the end of my month. You know sort of like that saying, “I’ve got too much month left at the end of my money”, only this is a good kind of problem to have. Well, the only thing to do is to carry on and extend Cupid’s Hunt for several more days!  {smile}

And, with that said, here is part 1 of the centerpiece of mixes from the RIBS Kitchen for the BIG Event, our tribute to the late Al Jarreau. We hope you enjoy the selections as… “We Remember Al Jarreau” part 1.

UPDATE: 2/26/2017, 12:56pm…
This 10th Anniversary of the BIG Event is turning out to be just as good as I had hoped! Our latest release comes from another CH first timer, DJ SteffieJ. She says that she’s “Never Gonna Let You Go”.

UPDATE: 2/25/2017, 1:55pm…
After a slight lull during the middle of the work week, here are a couple more Cupid’s Hunt mixes just in time for you r Saturday evening enjoyment.

Macedonia and his Radio BSOTS, another founding member of Cupid’s Hunt (not to mention also the “Music Podcast Consortium”)gives us a look at the other side or, as he puts it, “the gray areas of love”. His musical meanderings (a term I use here very loosely since his mixes are so on point and focused like a laser) always satisfy both the spiritual and intellectual side of one’s soul. This offering is no different. Give a listen to:  “Radio BSOTS show #164 – Cupid’s Hunt 2017: grass ain’t greener…”

And now, it’s “Scottie Time”! He is widely known as Scottie L. Smith, Sr. Some know him as “El Slick”. I think of him as a very good friend that it has been my good fortune to meet and become acquainted with over these past several years. His contribution to the 10th Anniversary of the BIG Event is sure to turn up the heat on any cold winter’s night. Check it out here: “Cupid’s Hunt 2017: Scottie’s Cupid’s Hunt 10th Anniversary Mix”

UPDATE: 2/21/2017, 1:45am…
More goodies for ya!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one. One of the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration originators, DarrenKeith Wyatt, presents us a mix of his favorite artist, Michael Franks, for the 10th Anniversary event. Check out “MLFM – Cupid’s Hunt 2017: One of the Masters of Love”.

Charles Hadley and his Serenity Soul continues to supply the BIG Event with some musical gems. This offering (#5 from him) is called “Submerge (‘Til We Become The Sun)”.

And, in a pleasant surprise, a very talented (and busy!) lady, Val Oliver, who has been absent from the event for a bit, found a little time to put together a mix for Cupid’s Hunt this year. She calls it, “Love Love’s Love: Cupid’s Hunt 2017 (10th Anniversary”. Welcome back, Val!

UPDATE: 2/19/2017, 11:00am…
Here’s hoping that the weather where you are is as nice as the weather here where I am. OMG, it’s hard to remember that this is February and we’re basically still in the middle of Winter! But, I am not complaining at all, not one bit.
There is one sure-fire way to remember that it is the month of February though, and that is because the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration event is still going strong. Here are the latest additions…

Charles Hadley (Serenity Soul) continues to showcase his musical gems and we could not be more happy that he is doing so. Submission #4 from him is called, “Her Throne”.

I feel bad that I missed this one earlier this week, but that’s why the saying “better late than never” was invented I guess. Ashaki of Ashaki’s Aural Pleasure Palace joins us once again this year looking to double our pleasure with a dual offering of duets for the 10 Anniversary celebration! The playlists for both mixes look real inviting. You can check out “Cupid’s Hunt 2017: The Tenth Anniversary Special” here.

And, of course, there is still more to come. Check back soon.

UPDATE: 2/16/2017, 11:00pm…
Two more mixes for the BIG Event have been released.

Blu Tu, one of my home boys from growing up in North NJ, joins us for the first time this year with his mix entitled, “That’s The Touch!!! – 2017-2-14”.

And (finally!), my ‘ol running buddy from back in the college days, Marc Jones, another CH first timer, presents us with “Cupid’s Hunt 2017: MJ’s Valentine’s Day Mood Music”.

Oops! Almost forgot, make that three more mixes not two. Charles Hadley (Serenity Soul) shared with us a 3rd mix the other day called, “I Can’t Sleep Alone (Say Yes)”.

UPDATE: 2/15/2017, 6:35pm…
A little bit behind with the latest updates, but as you’ll see it was worth the wait!

A second one from Charles Hadley (Serenity Soul). This one titled:
“I Belong (Insecure)”

Gary ‘Garfield’ White, a.k.a. “DJ G-Dub” brings us an “80’s Slow Jam Valentine’s Day Mix”  -AND- the “Netflix N Chill 00’s V-Day Mix”

Another newcomer to the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast event, Dewan D. Aiken, throws down with his offering, “Cupid’s Hunt 2017: TSTMKR4HIRE – The Heart’s Fringes”. EJ “The PodFather” Flavors has already given this one the thumbs up, so you know its got to be good!

Speaking of “The PodFather”, after missing last year EJ Flavors (a founding member of Cupid’s Hunt and the Music Podcast Consortium) is back! His musical talents present us with his 10th Anniversary mix simply entitled, “Cupid’s Hunt 2017”.

Another founding member, the Queen of the Cupid’s Hunt crew, DJ Diva has aimed her focus on the ‘Purple One’ and presents us with, “Cupid’s Hunt: A Prince Goodbye”.

And one more to round out this session of updates, is one of the sweetest voices in podcasting, Angel Monique, of Soul Confessions After Dark Radio. Her 10th Anniversary offering is, “Soul Confessions After Dark Cupid’s Hunt Valentine’s Day Podcast Collaboration”.

More to come… stay tuned!

UPDATE: 2/12/2017, 8:30am…
A little less than 2 days now until Valentine’s Day and the CHPC event is in full swing. Here are two more mixes to add to your playlist:

Calandra Branch over at Liner Notes Lounge joins us once again with “The Listening Suite – 2017 Cupid’s Hunt Edition”. I’m so glad I made the acquiantence with this lady a few years ago and the music she shares surely will not disappoint.

Ya know, every year the CHPC event seems to pick up a DJ/Podcaster that is with us for the first time. This year that person is Ronald D. Willis. Here is what he writes about his initial Cupid’s Hunt mix:
While there are many people whom are out celebrating love and romance on Valentine’s Day, others whom are not as fortunate are sitting at home pining over the love they’ve loss, the deception that destroyed it, or the emasculation one endures after having been placed in the ‘friend zone’.
This podcast is for them.
Heartbreak explores R&B, neo-soul and easy listening genres; and features artists from the United States of America, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.”
This podcast and many others are featured on Mixcloud at:
Want more from Ronald? Check out

UPDATE: 2/11/2017, 6:20pm…
Our 2nd Cupid’s Hunt mix for 2017 comes from none other than Anji Bee, a founding member of the CHPC that has been with us from the very beginning.  She always gets my vote for “the sexiest voice in podcasting” and if you have never tuned in to her mixes over on The Chillcast with Anji Bee you are doing yourself a disservice.
Her entry for this 10th Anniversary edition of Cupid’s Hunt can be found right here:

But wait, there’s more…
Charles Hadley (a.k.a. Serenity Soul) wants us to be “Back In Love” with his CH10 offering, which can be found here:


The Cupid’s Hunt family welcomes back a contributing member who has been away for a short while. Jeff Hinz and The Friday Night Dance Party mix are here and giving you their special brand of rhythms that we’ve grown to love over the years:

Much, much more to come… stay tuned!

UPDATE: 2/11/2017,  1:00pm…
First out of the gate today is ‘Sista Suga’ (over at The Sight of Sound by Sista Suga) with the SeXXXy Love XII mix.
If the start of this mix is any indication of what the 10th Anniversary Cupid’s Hunt mixes are going to be like, well… y’all are in for a treat and a wild ride of celebrating for the rest of the month. Check it out here:

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